Exhibition: Discover the secret world of Haitian Art

“DNA of ART. Discover the secret world of Haitian Art”

The first Haitian Art group exhibition of its kind, curated in Canary Wharf over two floors will showcase a selection of more than 100 unveiled artworks from 20 world renowned and fast emerging Haitian artists. With majority of the artists living in Haiti, this art exhibition aims to explore the multiple influences, roots and provenance of Haitian Art.

Aiming to stimulate visitors’ senses through live art performances, live music and storytelling, this exhibition aims to appeal to your sub-consciousness and engage you into an intrinsic journey through which you will progressively come to understand the extraordinary mix and cultural foundation of Haitian Arts.

With a strain of rebellion embedded in the Haitian DNA, dating back to the times of colonization and slavery, people find a sense of pride in being able to find happiness when there’s no obvious reason to be happy. It appears that nothing can break the resilience of Haitian art which still breathes with beauty, vibrant colours and joy, captivating the heart and soul of Haiti. Isolated from the mainstream of American and European art Haiti has been mastering art for decades forging its singularity and continues to receive critical world acclaim for its art.

Benefits from the sales of the exhibition will support artists and their community art projects in Haiti i.e. developing & sustaining art workshops for children.

Artists presented are: Levoy Exil, R. Nesly, J. Profil, M. Profil, G. Tintin, E. Tintin, JP Tintin, R. Sagage, H. Férol, Kayava, Rosan, JB Chéry, R. Damour

Date: Fri, 14 Oct – Sat, 22 Oct

Location: Gabriel Fine Arts, 15 Skylines Village, London, E14 9TS

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Images © courtsey of  Shawn Campbell


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