Kittitian Hill – Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret

Somewhere in between the chapters that define our life experiences and the volume of books that add up to years, lies a break of escape afforded to those that dare venture off the beaten path. Breathtakingly beautiful, this oasis of tranquillity set among a 400-acre organic hillside on the northern coast of St. Kitts is an unspoilt gem, just waiting to be discovered. An exotic landscape south of St Barth, this travel destination has set out to become one of the best locations in the world, offering contemporary luxury mixed with sustainable living. Stretching from the lush tropical rain-forest on the slope of the dormant volcano Mount Liamuiga, a 1000 feet above sea level Kittitian Hill is a mixture of real estate development featuring a soon to be boutique hotel, condominium apartments, villas and inn suite residences set among the surrounding sprawling fields, which form an edible golf course. Every detail in this garden of paradise has been carefully thought of and from the rustic appearance to the locally sourced furniture; a corrugated sugar factory floor imported from Dominica, mill bar stools from the ship valleys, lamps from the neighbouring sister island Nevis, this is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secret.

A treasured secret of St. Kitts, this elegant resort has been modelled on the concept of a traditional West Indian community, a place where guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant beauty of St. Kitts and casually forage for fresh food from the land and sea, whilst admiring the surrounding spectacular views. With muted tones that easily blend in with the environment, a beautiful infinity pool fanned by pineapple plants and sixty five varieties of banana trees with a rustic appearance that merges in with the environment, this idyllic private island escape is a treasured secret for the sophisticated traveller and the perfect Caribbean hideaway offering exceptional comfort. Despite its eco-friendly feel you are spoilt for choice at Kittitian Hill and who cannot fail to resist the abundance of readily available fruits from the one hundred and forty-five mango types, papaya, yam, passion fruit, starfruit to sugarcane literally growing on your doorstep?



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