The Ultimate Beaches in Grenada

Picturesque towns, dramatic coastline scenery and spectacular beaches with stunning views perfect for lounging, swimming and adventurous water sports, the beaches of Grenada make this island a special beach getaway. With more than 40 beaches scattered across the island, here are a few of our favourites.

1. Grand Anse – For endless white sands and sensational views of the capital

Grenada Beaches

Perfection at its best, Grand Anse is a sublime playground for locals and tourists. A two and a half mile stretch of white soft sand curving alongside the southwest coastline of Grenada, Grand Anse is one of the most popular beaches on the island and for a good reason. Located in the town of St George, Grand Anse is well known for its turquoise clad clear waters and calm conditions and offers a variety of activities. From adventurous sports such as jet skiing, parasailing and kayaking to those of a serene nature, with secluded spots for those seeking to soak up the sun’s rays and admire the views, this is the perfect place to explore the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Tip: Venture outside of the hotel strip, beyond the beach and sample some of the island flavours from the nearby restaurants such as Umbrellas Beach Bar, or hop on the bus for a 15 minute ride into the pulsating city centre of St George.

2. BBC Beach (Morne Rouge) – For seclusion and privacy

Grenada Beaches

A 10 minute walk away from Grand Anse locally known as BBC beach, Morne Rouge is a paradise perfect for relaxation and stunning sunset views whilst taking in a cold drink at one of the few bars located nearby. Often understated, this laid back secluded and sheltered spot appeals to those looking for a chilled out vibe away from the hustle and bustle of St George. With shallow and warm calm waters and a stunning cove recharge and relax at this perfect spot.

3. Bathway – For bathing in a natural swimming pool

Grenada Beaches

Definitely worth a visit, Bathway is a countryside beach located on the north eastern end of the island. A natural pool protected by an in-shore reef creating a calm inlet perfect for swimming on a good day even for non-swimmers, Bathway is another popular beach for both locals and tourists. Ideal for socialising, the beach is a short walk away from the national park which includes Levera, a large pond rich in birdlife and a nesting ground for turtles.

4. Magazine Beach – For snorkelling and relaxation

Grenada Beaches

Located along the south western coast of the island close to the airport, expect to find an always empty and quiet beach just waiting for you and a spot for your towel. Surrounded by the popular restaurant the Aquarium and the Grenadian by Rex Resort, Magazine beach remains an undeveloped and pristine beach surrounded by bays and numerous coves and perfect for snorkelling and having a picnic with the family.

5. Levera Beach – For hiking and unspoilt beauty

Grenada Beaches

Overlooking Sugar Loaf Island, with an amazing coastline that has a mangrove swamp nearby, eroded cliffs and a pond, Levera is a deserted beach a little further away from Bathway and is a nesting spot for leatherback turtles. With rough waters, this beach forms part of the Levera National Park famous for its coral reefs and sea grass beds providing shelter to the rich marine life, this beach is an excellent spot for walking and bird watching.

6. L’Anse Aux Epines Beach – For sophistication

Grenada Beaches

Home to some of the most exquisite cottages and private villas and not forgetting the Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa, L’Anse aux Epines is a pristine secluded white sandy beach in the south of the island.

7. Duquesne Beach – For history, fun and activity

Grenada Beaches

Black sands, coral reefs, ancient petroglyphs and a fishing village. A star attraction of Duquesne Bay, expect to find evidence of the Carib population in the remnants of petroglyphs carved on large stones found at the end of the beach. Situated in the parish of St. Mark in the north western part of the island, Duquesne Bay is an excellent spot for playing sport games most particularly cricket and football and for interacting with the local fishermen.

8. La Sagesse Beach – For family time

Grenada Beaches

Once ranked amongst the 10 most tropical beaches by the Sunday Times, La Sagesse has a charm to it and is great for exploring or taking a stroll on the long stretch of golden sands flanked by palm trees and simply relaxing in the calm and shallow crystal clear waters. Secluded and located in a protected cove with a freshwater river connecting to the sea, this beach is family friendly and offers activities from swimming and kayaking with a restaurant nearby.

9. Cabier Beach – For something different and unique

Grenada Beaches

Hidden within the village of Crochu, undiscovered and tucked away from the main island, find the undisturbed beauty of Grenada in a secluded beach with a rustic and castaway appeal. With tranquil blue waters and peaceful surroundings making it the perfect spot to escape to, Cabier beach offers everything from calm clear waters protected by an offshore reef, including a shallow bay with coral reefs great for snorkelling. Home to the only petting zoo in Grenada, experience the natural beauty of Grenada in the countryside.

10. Sauteurs Beach – For variety

Grenada Beaches

Located on the northern coast of Grenada backed by coconut palm trees running the entire length of the beach, Sauteurs is best known as a natural attraction with interesting sites like the Carib’s Leap. With panoramic views of Carriacou, this is the perfect setting location to relax during a tour of the island with beautiful views of the surrounding islands to the north.

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